Episode 42 – Forest Service cabins

Developed Recreation Manager Brad Schumaker and I talk about the Forest Service Cabins in the Ketchikan Area. We talk use, popularity, and the impact funding has had on upkeep of the cabins.  

Episode 41 – Bear recap and the beauty of rural life

I tell the maybe confusing story of taking a black bear on Saturday then dive into a rant about how suffocating life is without frequent adventure and how it’s important to do things that make you feel alive, even if you’re not good at first. Red = Stalk #1 (Friday) Yellow = Stalk #2 (Saturday…

Wait on the coffee

Written by: Jeff Lund is a freelance writer living in Ketchikan, Alaska. The benefits of coffee (coffee-coffee, not sugary coffee drinks) have been widely reported, so this is not to dissuade you from drinking coffee, it’s a matter of adjusting the timing of consuming it to better crush your day. When should you drink coffee? My commute…

Hunting with Thoreau

Sometimes it seems like I am off topic more than on. The mission is reading, but since I’m reading about fishing, I end up looking at the words but thinking about fishing and completely missing out on what’s happening on the page. This is probably part of the goal of an outdoors writer because the…

The brochure weekend

(SitNews) Ketchikan, Alaska – Friday Preview – A student reminded me of that 81-degree day last spring. The rest of the class nodded half with the wonderment of that glorious afternoon, and half unsure, as if maybe it didn’t happen. Last summer was a Sasquatch, it showed up once in spring, then vanished leaving us all…

Episode 40 – Conservation and bear hunting

Recorded a conservation rant on my way to hunt bear this morning on how to survive wolf attacks, not actual wolves, people attacking those who hunt what hunts their food, then recapped the weekend of bear hunting near Ketchikan.

Chasing highs

Written by: Jeff Lund is a freelance writer living in Ketchikan, Alaska. Follow him on @alaskalund on Instagram So, there I was atop a mountain, looking down at a forest unstained (for the most part) by humans. Below were deer, bear and wolves in the trees, fish and whales in the ocean. On the hill,…

Episode 39 – Spring steelhead Part 3

Fly fishing guide Jack Carson and I talk about the accident that postponed college, how it feels to be a 19-year old guide, whether or not growing up on an island in Alaska was a detriment and how to get through the winters.  

The Grouse Chronicles

By JEFF LUND For the Capital City Weekly “Why’d you shoot the fork?” “Don, there were so many horns I just chose a body.” Thus, my first ever deer was a tall 2×2 rather than one of the three 4-point bucks that were in the same group. I saw horns and panicked. I’m glad it worked…

Episode 36 – Protecting the lifestyle

Steve Shannon returned from the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers Rendezvous and we talk epic stories, protecting resources, access, and getting involved so decisions made which impact us, are done with us in mind.