Episode 95 – Self-awareness and virtue signaling

Gym owner Chuy Medina (Resident CrossFit, Modesto, CA) and I talk about the importance of being self-aware, the difference between being who you are and just wanting other people to think you are something morally or otherwise.

Episode 94 -Betting on yourself in life and hunting

From a tiny town on an island in southeast Alaska to graduating from medical school from the University of Washington. My buddy Stephen Ellison had plenty of excuses at his disposal. However, he refused to listen to any of them. He weekend warrior hunts Dall sheep, moose and took me to his special blacktail deer…

Column: Crowd Control

I took a deep breath and entered the wild world…of downtown on a four-ship day. It’s a weird thing to hate the downtown traffic and crowds in general this time of year. After all, without it, where would the port towns of southeast Alaska be? Logging is no longer socially acceptable to many, but one…

Episode 93 – Giving and taking advice

Who knows enough to really be able to give good advice? We’re all just fumbling around trying to figure stuff out and if we listened to advice we shouldn’t then make the same mistakes someone told us to avoid, right? We do it anyway. Life is weird, but entertaining.

Column: Don’t be afraid to fail

I try to talk myself out of a lot of things. One might mistake it for being cautious or safe, but I know that’s not always true. My childhood memories on the ocean are always synonymous with some level of disaster. My brother and I look back and laugh, but I wonder how Dad felt….

Episode 92 – Chasing likes and being legit

I recently checked my social media and podcast motives…am I in this for likes and money? If so, I need to check myself because if I need likes or sponsors to feel validated, I’m screwed. I also continue to try and put word to the need to the idea of making it easier for hunter…

Episode 91 – Being a good local with Matt Hamilton

“If I had one night left, what am I going to go eat, what am I going to go drink and who do I need to go talk to?” That’s Matt Hamilton’s motto and in this episode we talk about being a good guest, good local, and the real value of being a widely-known artist….

Column: Nap time

I had abandoned the posture of a hunter and was now sprawled out on the beach using a jacket as a pillow. I contemplated a nap, thought, “Why not?” and took one. It was one of those sleeps that undulates in depth. On one end, you’re conscious of what’s going on around you, like the…

Episode 89 – Spring bear and escape philosophy

The idea of escaping reality is a tricky one because not only do you have to define escape but also reality. I touch on those as well as being alone on hunts and the coming invasion of summer tourists, of which I will be one myself this summer, so I can’t be judgmental. “The sense…