Episode 14 – Sadie Case

Sadie Case talks her relationship with food, relationship with Alaskan winters and how to be fit and happy by paying attention to fitness and diet rather than looking for pills or medication.

Finding what’s essential in a world of -isms

By Jeff Lund | For the Capital City Weekly The most interesting –ism to me currently is essentialism. As is the case with all –isms and –ists, there are general principles that play out, or are articulated, differently. James Latham wrote there is a “finite and definite amount of effort” we can put forth. So, we…

Episode 13 – Corby Weyhmiller

Corby Weyhmiller and I talk rural education, commercial fishing, traditional values that have endured specifically with regard to Native culture, and the serious threat substance abuse has brought to our home island.

Episode 12 – Kevin Manabat

Ketchikan CrossFit owner Kevin Manabat talks trust in the gym, how to take and give criticism rather than “shame” or enable, whether or not mental toughness can be learned and how to be happy and feel good.

Episode 11 – Brennan Koeller

The King Slayer himself, Brennan Koeller, talks about Crossfit filling the athletic void after high school sports, his influences and his life as a competitive lifter, coach and college student.

Episode 10 – Blacktail recap

What do four Alaskans talk about in a garage around a hanging deer? – Calling in deer – What to do when wolves visit – How to gauge black bear size – The best of the 2017 hunting season – The worst of the 2017 hunting season

Bundle up with clothes and crew

By Jeff Lund | For the Capital City Weekly I asked a friend the other day where Ketchikan ranked as far as providing community compared to other places she lived. She said it was the best. I thought about it a lot on the drive home. I stopped to ship some fish and venison to some…

Episode 9 – Willie Herrera

Willie Herrera talks staying true to foundational principles not only while building an athletic program but as a husband and father. Willie coaches football at East Union High School in Manteca, California.

The Mediocre Alaskan Podcast – Episode 7

Amanda Davidshofer talks about her 5-month 6-day Pacific Crest Trail hike, kayaking to Alaska from Washington, settling into Ketchikan and starting the Strength and Empowerment Program which promotes healthy living.

Protect your pancreas

(SitNews) Ketchikan, Alaska – Halloween marked the official beginning of over-indulgence season which lasts until the weekend in January that ends up being the death-knell for the Resolution. It’s ridiculous to assume that after two entire months of treats which have been validated under the guise of celebration, that one would be able to successfully…