Episode 200 – “Whatever your screaming elk is…”

Guy Duplantier is the creator of Western Contours and an avid hunter currently obsessed with elk. In this dual released episode, he and I talk about archery caribou, bull elk screaming at night, the future of hunting and the importance of finding, “whatever your screaming bull is.”

Episode 198 – Sheep, brown bears, food

In this episode Lyn Hoffman (thehoffmanlife.com) joins me to talk about guiding spring brown bear hunts, sheep hunts, massive expanses of land like the Brooks Range, hunting ethics in crowded areas like New Mexico and how to make it through the winter in Alaska.

Episode 197 – Cabin in the woods?

A bill proposed by Gov. Dunleavy has me conflicted. While I love the thought of me getting 10 acres of land for a “recreational cabin” preferably to hunt moose or something in the interior, will I be able to afford good land? Will I be able to afford to get to it? What are the…

Column: Spring, and steelhead, are here

You know when you’re watching a hunting or fishing snow on YouTube and just as it gets good a series of ads starts, but since your laptop is hooked up to your TV and across the room, you laying on the couch hoping the ads end, but they never do?    The transition between winter…

Episode 196 – Interior Alaska bear and saving public land

Outdoor Life writer and Tundra Talk host Tyler Freel and I talk about grizzly bear hunting, processing black bear, archery, protecting public land and how some hunts never get old.Here are the two articles he wrote that we mention in the podcast pertaining to the issue about closing public land to non-locals: Feds May Close…

Episode 195 – Spring preview

Spring showed up all of a sudden, so there is more than enough to do. The black bears will start to emerge, grouse season will be peaking and of course, spring steelhead will be hot. For those who don’t live here, it’s these shoulder months that make this place absolutely irresistible. No one is going…

Episode 194 – Alaska Bison

In this episode I talk to fellow product of Prince of Wales, Melissa Castle, who took a bison last month in interior Alaska. We talk about her upbringing in Craig, the best parts of living in Anchorage and the details of her hunt.

Episode 193 – Fairbanks ice fishing recap

Harrison and I finally got around to the ice fishing recap from my trip up there two weeks ago. We talk navigating rivers, choosing spots and the messy break up. We also talk about the keys to raising kids in such a cold, harsh environment.