The Grouse Chronicles

By JEFF LUND For the Capital City Weekly “Why’d you shoot the fork?” “Don, there were so many horns I just chose a body.” Thus, my first ever deer was a tall 2×2 rather than one of the three 4-point bucks that were in the same group. I saw horns and panicked. I’m glad it worked…

Episode 36 – Protecting the lifestyle

Steve Shannon returned from the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers Rendezvous and we talk epic stories, protecting resources, access, and getting involved so decisions made which impact us, are done with us in mind.

How much do you like coffee?

Jeff Lund For Caffeine and Kilos Before I knew any better, coffee cake sounded disgusting because coffee was disgusting. Why ruin something so good by making it taste like, or out of, coffee? Then I learned. I learned that coffee is good and caffeine is good even, if it’s not coffee itself. Coffee-flavored foods are…

Why I should hate steelhead fishing

(SitNews) Ketchikan, Alaska – After returning from a steelhead trip I tried to understand why I looked forward to hiking a long way for just a few fish, in the cold. I tried to convince myself I shouldn’t like it.  So, here’s why I should hate steelhead fishing. I don’t catch a lot of fish…

This is fun…right?

By Jeff Lund For the Capital City Weekly “This is the expectation, man. For steelhead fishing in late March, this is what it’s about.” It was around noon and Rob was at a three. It was a Fun Scale, not a Misery Scale or Overall Scale, but it was still a three. There was fun…

Episode 35 – Spring black bear

It’s spring black bear season in Southeast Alaska. In this solo episode I talk about locating, tracking and cooking black bear in Units 1 and 2.  

Episode 34 – Spring steelhead Part 2

Kayla Roys from Alaska Fly Fishing Goods talks fly fishing around Juneau, rod and reel preference and of course, steelhead (but yes, that’s a small Jack King in her net).  

Episode 33 – DIY Moose hunting

My buddy Stephen Ellison (who happens to also be a medical student) talks Do It Yourself Moose hunting in south central Alaska. We talk rafts, gear and the best protection against brown bears while fishing.  

Brand style and lifestyle

Fitness apparel and workout clothes are about three things: comfort, appearance and advertising a marketable lifestyle – the you, you want to be. It’s nearly impossible to accomplish the things you want from life if you are around people who are not supportive of your goals or are diligent in the pursuit Pretty much every…

Episode 32 – College basketball and journalism ethics

Director of Student Media at the University of Arizona, Brett Fera and I: – breakdown UA tournament history – discuss covering college athletics, integrity in sports reporting athletic department “cultures” and journalism ethics in an epic sports journalism episode. But yes, I was able to work hunting and veganism in there.

Episode 31 – March Madness and boat fires

My buddy Rob Buckingham and I try to identify the state in which colleges like Lipscomb and Bucknell are located, talk boats, boat fires and the distant memories of our own March Madness as high school basketball players.