Episode 129 – Secret spots and stirring the pot

In this solo episode I talk about why it’s stupid to try to show off in front of guides or experts, why someone taking you to see where they trap is an exercise in extreme trust and the idiocy of pot stirring posts.

Episode 125 – Mink, Marten and Wolf Trapping

When I was in elementary school my brother, dad and I trapped mink and marten and wanted to get enough to make some mittens and a hat for my grandpa. Grandpa passed before we had enough material but I still have the furs. So I decided to get back into trapping a bit to finish…

New Articles

Check out the Feb. issue of Alaska Sporting Journal for two articles, one about ringing in the new year on a wolf trapping adventure, and the other about a Kansas man who has been bringing a little bit of the Jayhawk state to the Last Frontier since the late 1980s.