Episode 132 – Spring steelhead and trout

Fly fishing for steelhead is one of my all-time favorite things. In this episode I talk about the latest trip to the river, what I use, why I use it, and why what I use shouldn’t necessarily dictate what you do. Casting style and individual taste should drive what you end up buying but I…

Why I should hate steelhead fishing

(SitNews) Ketchikan, Alaska – After returning from a steelhead trip I tried to understand why I looked forward to hiking a long way for just a few fish, in the cold. I tried to convince myself I shouldn’t like it.  So, here’s why I should hate steelhead fishing. I don’t catch a lot of fish…

Episode 30 – Spring Steelhead Part 1

  My set up: Rod – 9’6″ 7-weight Sage Method   Reel – The Fly Shop C3LA  Line – Intouch Rio Gold Leader – FluoroFlex Steelhead/Salmon leader I also sometimes use an Echo SR Switch rod with a Ross CLA reel.

Almost next

In what will probably be my last day on the water for 2011, I stopped by the American River in Sacramento to fish for steelhead. What I got was a carcass. I started in on a heavy metaphor…2011 is the dead fish…done…dead…gone…soon to be washed away…forgotten… Then I decided to quit thinking and keep casting….

The gift of good words

One man’s off-season is another man’s steelhead season. I’d like to claim the latter, but since I have yet to swing for steelies, I must claim the former. If you’re like me, even when I do get the time to dip myself into frigid water or chilly lakes, it will still be obvious my fishing…