The previously unknown option C

The Upper Sacramento River turns back and forth in riffle, run, pool sequences for thirty-some miles providing a buffet of great fishing opportunities. I’ve caught big brown trout, and big rainbows. Nothing of epic, wall-mount size, but a few of each that are a season or two from 20-inches. I love rainbow trout, but because…

Upper Sac and McCloud river fishing video

Doesn’t get much better than fishing the Upper Sac and McCloud Rivers. The fish near the end are squawfish, and yes, when the camera goes underwater in a fit of bubble chaos, that was me falling.

Upper Sac and McCloud River recap

There is no better way to start summer than hot dogs cooked on a campfire after a day of fishing. Tuesday my buddy Kurt and I drove to the Upper Sacramento River for a three day, two night trip. It took all of five minutes to net the first fish just up from Lake Shasta….