Episode 167 – The Rut Part 1

The first weekend of Rut for Sitka Blacktail deer is behind us and I went 0/2 on shots (both clean misses) with my bow, but I was seeing deer and giving myself a chance. In this episode I talk about what has worked for me as far as hunting blacktail in muskegs in high traffic…

Episode 157 – Trolling for salmon and alpine prep

There’s a silver salmon derby this weekend, but I’ll be up on a mountain looking for a goat or buck. In this episode I talk personal preference when it comes to trolling up salmon, seeing alpine terrain for the first time, and all the chores around the house – dehydrating salmon, cooking venison leftovers, bleaching…

Column: The best month according to my truth

In a non-scientific study intended to deliver the results I desired, I discovered that August is the most desired month in Southeast Alaska. I collected a staggering amount of data that supported my hypothesis and ignored anything that might prevent me from reaching my desired conclusion. I made diligent observations in my head over a…

Episode 118 – Buck at 14 yards

Two straight weeks I took a buck, so I was looking to get my 4th and final blacktail, this time with my bow. I talk about what I’ve learned, the importance of reflection to improve rather than running the same program, and what happened with that buck at 14 yards.

Episode 53 – Alpine deer recap

Three buddies from California and I recap their hunting trip to the Ketchikan area for Unit 1 Sitka Blacktail. Cody and I took bucks within two minutes of each other in the same bowl on a mountain…and how did Jake get 56 bug bites on one wrist?