The new Ugly Stik

So yesterday at the Thorne my fishing rod Julius broke in a way that Duct Tape could not fix. It was terribly tragic. After hundreds of salmon and who knows how many trout, my spinning rod was done. I taped it more and still used it, of course. I still fished with the wrecked rod….

Fish hunting

If fly fishing is the most poetic method for retrieving fish from water, snagging is its antithesis. It’s barbaric. It’s fish hunting. It’s a lot of fun. Below the mouth of the short river that drains Neck Lake near Whale Pass, Alaska, anglers my angle their hooks into any available flank or fin of cohos….

Prince of Wales Island 2012 – River and Ocean part I

It’s been a solid summer on the ocean so far. Last time out, we all got our kings, the biggest a little under 30-pounds. Danny, Derrick and I also made a few trips to Whale Pass to snag silvers and ended up catching most in the mouth, go figure. Here’s the video that doesn’t do…

Gear Review – Galvan Torque Large Arbor reel

On the “No Snagging Above This Point” sign at the mouth of Neck Creek in Alaska was a nest of mangled fly line that had been peeled from a reel by an ocean-fresh coho salmon. It wasn’t mine. I walked past the post to where the fly-fishermen go to toss flies at schools of salmon…