Episode 103 – Opening Day Recap, Forkie vs. Four

Opening Day in the alpine did not disappoint, but it didn’t exactly go as planned for Fairbanks resident Steve Shannon and myself. We recap our hunt, but thanks to a lack of specifics and more closing thoughts, I recorded a preface which comes before the recap. In that preamble I talk about why doing hard…

Column: Don’t be afraid to fail

I try to talk myself out of a lot of things. One might mistake it for being cautious or safe, but I know that’s not always true. My childhood memories on the ocean are always synonymous with some level of disaster. My brother and I look back and laugh, but I wonder how Dad felt….

Episode 92 – Chasing likes and being legit

I recently checked my social media and podcast motives…am I in this for likes and money? If so, I need to check myself because if I need likes or sponsors to feel validated, I’m screwed. I also continue to try and put word to the need to the idea of making it easier for hunter…

Episode 91 – Being a good local with Matt Hamilton

“If I had one night left, what am I going to go eat, what am I going to go drink and who do I need to go talk to?” That’s Matt Hamilton’s motto and in this episode we talk about being a good guest, good local, and the real value of being a widely-known artist….

Episode 86 – Commercial fishing and mentoring

Derek Meister has been punching his Alaska card since he moved to Ketchikan 7 years ago. In addition to all the typical camping, hiking, kayaking locals do, he has worked on commercial fishing boats. He is the school psychologist at Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District, so we talk the benefits of a community like Ketchikan…

Episode 76 – Steelhead, spring bear and fitness

Last week of January coming up, I can almost smell the spring black bear… but hold on, patience is necessary. The last two years southeast Alaska has had crazy snow storms in March and even into April, so as excited as I am for spring steelhead and spring bear, I have to resist the temptation…

Episode 71 – Knudson Cove Marina

  Matt Burbank is the new owner of Knudson Cove Marina in Ketchikan. We talk about the behind the scenes, his adjustment to the career change, first impressions of the Ketchikan community and mule deer hunting.  

Episode 46 – The Creative Hustle

A podcast months in the making with the Creative Hustler himself Matt Hamilton​. Great stuff about finding inspiration, work ethic, the value of boredom, tenacity and some Ketchikan history.

Episode 45 – Ketchikan hiking

On the way back down from scouting some deer territory, I talk bear protection on hikes, why it’s important to not totally rely on Google Earth and the best hiking trails in the Ketchikan area. And yes, I really did fall while recording.