Column: Is this really surprising?

I’ve been pretty surprised with how surprised I’ve been lately. First has been the early afternoon darkness after Daylight Savings. Despite growing up in Klawock and this being my sixth winter since moving back to Alaska, it’s apparently still shocking that it gets dark early. The worst part is that daylight will give to darkness…

Episode 50 – Four dudes around a campfire

Four buddies from California and I talk about the importance of experiences like camping in Alaska to reboot and help them become better fathers, husbands and men. All of this while waiting for our dinner to cook after a long day of fishing on Prince of Wales Island.

Episode 41 – Bear recap and the beauty of rural life

I tell the maybe confusing story of taking a black bear on Saturday then dive into a rant about how suffocating life is without frequent adventure and how it’s important to do things that make you feel alive, even if you’re not good at first. Red = Stalk #1 (Friday) Yellow = Stalk #2 (Saturday…

The brochure weekend

(SitNews) Ketchikan, Alaska – Friday Preview – A student reminded me of that 81-degree day last spring. The rest of the class nodded half with the wonderment of that glorious afternoon, and half unsure, as if maybe it didn’t happen. Last summer was a Sasquatch, it showed up once in spring, then vanished leaving us all…

Episode 40 – Conservation and bear hunting

Recorded a conservation rant on my way to hunt bear this morning on how to survive wolf attacks, not actual wolves, people attacking those who hunt what hunts their food, then recapped the weekend of bear hunting near Ketchikan.