Column: Putting the serve in service

I was talking to a buddy who co-founded a business and asked him what his goal was. I figured it would be something about growth, or reaching new customers, but it made much more sense than that. Serve. He said the most important thing for himself and the other co-founder of his lifestyle coffee and…

Episode 124 – The Rich Outdoors

Cody Rich (Backcountry Fuel Box and The Rich Outdoors) and I talk entrepreneurship, how to not become self-absorbed, when DIY is not DIY and our dream hunts.

Episode 122 – Backpacking food with Heather’s Choice

“I wanted to put quality food in people’s packs.” In this episode I talk with Heather’s Choice owner Heather Kelly. Heather was born and raised in Alaska and owns a dehydrated food company based in Anchorage. We talk why Alaska is worth coming back to, why nutrition is important and combatting entrepreneurial obstacles.

The art of showing up

(SitNews) Ketchikan, Alaska – Author and entrepreneur James Clear said, “Master the art of showing up.” I sometimes struggle with this. If someone asks what I do after work, it’s easy to deliver a line about writing columns, tying flies, shooting my bow, hiking, fishing, whatever, because that fits the narrative that people might expect….