Episode 50 – Four dudes around a campfire

Four buddies from California and I talk about the importance of experiences like camping in Alaska to reboot and help them become better fathers, husbands and men. All of this while waiting for our dinner to cook after a long day of fishing on Prince of Wales Island.

Food afield

I have often justified the consumption of unhealthy food on camp outs using the Camping Act. The Camping Act was adopted long ago when camping for recreation started to involve the leftovers from animals raised for meat and the combination of sugar in a variety of interesting forms. Yes, the Camping Act afforded all the…

Episode 42 – Forest Service cabins

Developed Recreation Manager Brad Schumaker and I talk about the Forest Service Cabins in the Ketchikan Area. We talk use, popularity, and the impact funding has had on upkeep of the cabins.  

Gear Review – REI Half Dome Tent

I’ve owned two tents in my life, and the first wasn’t until I was 24-years old. Growing up in Alaska we didn’t really use tents, but that’s another story. The first tent was a cheap $30 job that lasted two trips until the zipper broke. I learned my lesson, did some research and found the…

Occupy Wall Street: River Edition

There are aspects of America that really put leaks in my waders. The vast majority of the seafood Americans consume comes from overseas. The top ingredient in imitation crab (not that I have ever had it) is pollock, a fish that until the 1970s, was written off by American elitism as unfit for human consumption….

I’m packed, now what did I forget?

I don’t like wishing days away, but October 7-14 needed to end. I fish just enough to make myself dependent on putting a fly on or under water to remain at least as normal as a guy like me gets. So I started counting the hours last Monday, the 10th. I am specific with the…