Episode 167 – The Rut Part 1

The first weekend of Rut for Sitka Blacktail deer is behind us and I went 0/2 on shots (both clean misses) with my bow, but I was seeing deer and giving myself a chance. In this episode I talk about what has worked for me as far as hunting blacktail in muskegs in high traffic…

Episode 156 – Early season recap

Photo by Jess Johnson Jaden Bales (the Wyoming correspondent) and I talk the benefits of technology and how technology has also ruined hunts. Without it I wouldn’t have made it through the fog and up the mountain to the alpine where I shot my second buck of the year and proposed to my girlfriend Abby….

Episode 118 – Buck at 14 yards

Two straight weeks I took a buck, so I was looking to get my 4th and final blacktail, this time with my bow. I talk about what I’ve learned, the importance of reflection to improve rather than running the same program, and what happened with that buck at 14 yards.

Rut Repost – Drop Shot Calls

Last year I visited the Drop Shot Calls workbench to talk about how they got started, what makes a good call, when you should call, how long you should wait and what works for them. We also talk about the right tools for the job, rut tactics, and the future of the resource. So I’m…

Episode 55 – Kings and bucks, crisis or just a dip?

Disconcerting days for locals regarding two resources – salmon and deer. I talk about the recent reduction of deer for non-qualified hunters in Unit 2 (Federal land only) and the time change of the salmon derby in Ketchikan because of Chinook returns. Concerns over the deer population in Unit 2 lead to the change from…

Episode 43 – Alpine deer prep

Four things to consider for your southeast Alaska alpine deer hunt: crampons, trekking poles, water, stabilizers! Short episode about the things you might not think about for your blacktail hunt in August.