Episode 141 – Spring Bear 2 – Archery

Hunting spring black bears with a bow is a program my buddy Jesse Knock has figured out pretty well. In this episode he and I talk where to find big boars, staying calm, judging size and the best archery moments which don’t always end in a notched tag.

Episode 40 – Conservation and bear hunting

Recorded a conservation rant on my way to hunt bear this morning on how to survive wolf attacks, not actual wolves, people attacking those who hunt what hunts their food, then recapped the weekend of bear hunting near Ketchikan.

Episode 35 – Spring black bear

It’s spring black bear season in Southeast Alaska. In this solo episode I talk about locating, tracking and cooking black bear in Units 1 and 2.  

Life lessons

Life lessons By Jeff Lund | For the Capital city Weekly There are plenty of good reasons to be on good terms with adults when you’re younger – references, letters of recommendation…they might one day take you to a sure-thing black bear spot. I speak from experience. With the immature bravado of a 14-year old, I…