Episode 101 – From Trout Fest to the Alpine Obsession

After fishing 7 rivers in 4 states over the last 15 days, Trout Fest 2019 is over and it’s time to get into the alpine for blacktail bucks. In this short episode I talk about the importance of always having something to look forward to, and why it’s impossible to say one is better than…

Episode 100 – Mindset for business and life

My buddy Danny Lehr went from high school teacher and CrossFit gym owner to full-time business owner as co-founder of Caffeine and Kilos. We talk about some of the keys for individual and business growth, the importance of mindset and practice, as well as the need to grow as life changes otherwise one is doomed…

Episode 99 – Humility in an ego-driven field

Though we identify as hunters and anglers, we are hunting and fishing only a fraction of our lives. We have to make sure we take care of ourselves in the offseason too. If we are lucky enough to be outdoors 100 days out of the year, that’s less than a third of our annual days….

Episode 98 – Favorite Flies and Legendary Rivers

In the last three weeks I’ve been able to camp on the banks of some excellent rivers in Wyoming and Colorado. I talk about my favorite trout flies, why catching “the fish” each river isn’t always a good thing and why meeting locals makes the experience better.

Episode 97 – Shaping your identity

Tanner Harms was one win from becoming an All-American, but lost to his nemesis at the 2016 NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships. Now he’s adjusting to a new identity that doesn’t involve wrestling. We all move on from who we were in high school, college and even as adults. For some, finding an identity can…

Episode 96 – Gear we like and companies we like to support

What happens when outdoor companies and personalities get huge? Does quality, content or customer service suffer? Should politics play a role in a company you support? Fairbanks resident Harrison Gottschling and I discuss brands, products and outdoor companies we like to support as your average run-of-the-mill outdoorsmen. Harrison and I discussed his Dall sheep hunt…

Episode 95 – Self-awareness and virtue signaling

Gym owner Chuy Medina (Resident CrossFit, Modesto, CA) and I talk about the importance of being self-aware, the difference between being who you are and just wanting other people to think you are something morally or otherwise.

Episode 94 -Betting on yourself in life and hunting

From a tiny town on an island in southeast Alaska to graduating from medical school from the University of Washington. My buddy Stephen Ellison had plenty of excuses at his disposal. However, he refused to listen to any of them. He weekend warrior hunts Dall sheep, moose and took me to his special blacktail deer…

Episode 93 – Giving and taking advice

Who knows enough to really be able to give good advice? We’re all just fumbling around trying to figure stuff out and if we listened to advice we shouldn’t then make the same mistakes someone told us to avoid, right? We do it anyway. Life is weird, but entertaining.

Episode 92 – Chasing likes and being legit

I recently checked my social media and podcast motives…am I in this for likes and money? If so, I need to check myself because if I need likes or sponsors to feel validated, I’m screwed. I also continue to try and put word to the need to the idea of making it easier for hunter…