Episode 71 – Knudson Cove Marina

  Matt Burbank is the new owner of Knudson Cove Marina in Ketchikan. We talk about the behind the scenes, his adjustment to the career change, first impressions of the Ketchikan community and mule deer hunting.  

Episode 70: Ketchikan’s local beer

Part 1: Bawden Street Brewing Co. owner Sean Heismann talks about his first summer and winter seasons in Ketchikan. He talks about how he got started, what he loves about the science of brewing and how welcomed he and his wife have been by Ketchikan. Part 2: Sean takes us through a tasting of the…

Episode 68 – Deer calling with the Drop Shot Calls guys

  I visited the Drop Shot Calls workbench to talk about how they got started, what makes a good call, when you should call, how long you should wait and what works for them. We also talk about the right tools for the job, rut tactics and the future of the resource. https://soundcloud.com/user-139657843/episode-68-calling-deer-with-the-drop-shot-calls-guys

Episode 66 – Home building, biomass energy and Ketchikan history

Ketchikan resident Larry Jackson and I talk about custom homes, Ketchikan history, biomass energy and how wood or pellets can be an effective alternative for schools, businesses and residential homes. Check out his video of a recent trip to Denmark where he saw how the country uses biomass and wind energy to meet energy needs…

Episode 64 – Prop 1 debate…with myself while hunting

After three hours in the woods with my bow, I record a podcast about Prop 1. I was, at first glance, a clear “Yes.” Then I tried to persuade myself to “No,” just to make sure I was a “Yes” for sure. But I understood the concerns from the “No” crowd, so now I’m in…