Episode 60 – Better with the bow

Bear at 10 yards, I knock an arrow and go through my checklist of what to do, not from experience because I’ve only taken 1 deer with my bow, but from videos and research. I made the right call. On the drive back in from the hunt, I talk about the importance of practice and…

Episode 57 – Camping at Gilpin Lake (Colorado)

The Labor Day fishing bonanza at Gilpin Lake outside of Steamboat Springs, CO, was ruined thanks to me forgetting the flies in my girlfriend’s car. Good work. However, I do talk about the trail, flies that were recommended and the evening hatch in this short camping review podcast.

Episode 55 – Kings and bucks, crisis or just a dip?

Disconcerting days for locals regarding two resources – salmon and deer. I talk about the recent reduction of deer for non-qualified hunters in Unit 2 (Federal land only) and the time change of the salmon derby in Ketchikan because of Chinook returns. Concerns over the deer population in Unit 2 lead to the change from…

Episode 53 – Alpine deer recap

Three buddies from California and I recap their hunting trip to the Ketchikan area for Unit 1 Sitka Blacktail. Cody and I took bucks within two minutes of each other in the same bowl on a mountain…and how did Jake get 56 bug bites on one wrist?