Episode 143 – Preference points and elk

Tomorrow (May 21) is a big day. Not the big day, but a big day. Results for the Wyoming elk draw will be released and I will find out if the call practicing I’ve been doing will be put to use for a September archery hunt for cow elk. In this solo episode I talk…

Episode 142 – Spring Bear 3 – Instagram

Jaden Bales works for the Wyoming Wildlife Federation and hosts Muley Monday for the Rich Outdoors Podcast. He and I talk mentorship, identity, what your Instagram post can and can’t say about you. We also talk about hunting bears and the gear we like.

Episode 141 – Spring Bear 2 – Archery

Hunting spring black bears with a bow is a program my buddy Jesse Knock has figured out pretty well. In this episode he and I talk where to find big boars, staying calm, judging size and the best archery moments which don’t always end in a notched tag.

Episode 139 – Overused terms and hunting grouse

“Weird” “strange” and “crazy” are some of the most used words these days. This is because there really isn’t anything else to describe what’s going on and using a thesaurus to find a synonym doesn’t really make anything better. I escaped my pandemic-induced lethargic week of distance teaching with a weekend in the woods chasing…

Episode 138 – From Ketchikan to Netflix

Before his role in Netflix’s teen drama Outer Banks, Ketchikan High School graduate (’16) Rudy Pankow was washing dishes from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. at the Cheesecake Factory to make ends meet while pursuing his dream in Hollywood. I talk to my former student about the struggles, seeing through the fake, staying focused, and…

Episode 136 – Southeast Alaska and Covid-19

Ketchikan resident and charter guide Larry Jackson and I discuss charter fishing, the economic impact of Covid-19 on education, political divisiveness, being informed, byproducts of freedom, and what the summer will look like.

Episode 134 – The personal fly fishing evolution

  Alex Ramirez and Dave Schonzeit are the hosts of the Beer, Fly Fishing and Food podcast out of California. I fished the Yuba River with Alex last week so the three of us talk dry fly fishing, why striper fishing is maybe their current favorite, fly fishing icons, history, technology and of course, a…