Episode 46 – The Creative Hustle

A podcast months in the making with the Creative Hustler himself Matt Hamilton​. Great stuff about finding inspiration, work ethic, the value of boredom, tenacity and some Ketchikan history.

Episode 45 – Ketchikan hiking

On the way back down from scouting some deer territory, I talk bear protection on hikes, why it’s important to not totally rely on Google Earth and the best hiking trails in the Ketchikan area. And yes, I really did fall while recording.

Episode 44 – Snagging terminal salmon

It’s normally called a “foul hook” but in some areas of Alaska, it is legal to snag salmon. It’s crazy, it’s exciting and it’s frowned upon by those who haven’t done it but it’s an efficient way to harvest meat from fish that won’t spawn.

Episode 43 – Alpine deer prep

Four things to consider for your southeast Alaska alpine deer hunt: crampons, trekking poles, water, stabilizers! Short episode about the things you might not think about for your blacktail hunt in August.      

Episode 42 – Forest Service cabins

Developed Recreation Manager Brad Schumaker and I talk about the Forest Service Cabins in the Ketchikan Area. We talk use, popularity, and the impact funding has had on upkeep of the cabins.  

Episode 41 – Bear recap and the beauty of rural life

I tell the maybe confusing story of taking a black bear on Saturday then dive into a rant about how suffocating life is without frequent adventure and how it’s important to do things that make you feel alive, even if you’re not good at first. Red = Stalk #1 (Friday) Yellow = Stalk #2 (Saturday…

Episode 40 – Conservation and bear hunting

Recorded a conservation rant on my way to hunt bear this morning on how to survive wolf attacks, not actual wolves, people attacking those who hunt what hunts their food, then recapped the weekend of bear hunting near Ketchikan.

Episode 39 – Spring steelhead Part 3

Fly fishing guide Jack Carson and I talk about the accident that postponed college, how it feels to be a 19-year old guide, whether or not growing up on an island in Alaska was a detriment and how to get through the winters.  

Episode 36 – Protecting the lifestyle

Steve Shannon returned from the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers Rendezvous and we talk epic stories, protecting resources, access, and getting involved so decisions made which impact us, are done with us in mind.

Episode 35 – Spring black bear

It’s spring black bear season in Southeast Alaska. In this solo episode I talk about locating, tracking and cooking black bear in Units 1 and 2.