Episode 53 – Alpine deer recap

Three buddies from California and I recap their hunting trip to the Ketchikan area for Unit 1 Sitka Blacktail. Cody and I took bucks within two minutes of each other in the same bowl on a mountain…and how did Jake get 56 bug bites on one wrist?

Episode 52 – Hiking the Chilkoot Trail and kayaking Glacier Bay

I talk kayaking Glacier Bay, hiking the iconic Chilkoot Trail and Prince of Wales Island with four first-time visitors to Alaska (Abby Hoffman, Ian Hall, Jordan Kiler and Tanner Harms) and Klawock resident Tonya Busse. We cover trip planning, necessary gear and the importance of good people.

Episode 50 – Four dudes around a campfire

Four buddies from California and I talk about the importance of experiences like camping in Alaska to reboot and help them become better fathers, husbands and men. All of this while waiting for our dinner to cook after a long day of fishing on Prince of Wales Island.

Episode 49 – Alpine scouting for bowhunting

Fogged in during a mountain scout, Jesse Knock and I talk about bowhunting in the alpine, how to more effectively use Google Earth and expressing something like the heavy hunting experience through videography, photography, writing or even social media.

Episode 48 – Native Art with Ronnie Fairbanks

High school and middle school Native Art teacher Ronnie Fairbanks talks teaching Native Art, the value it brings to a community and individual creativity within a traditional art form. Also, how do you bend wood to make a box? Ronnie knows. https://soundcloud.com/user-139657843/episode-48-native-art-with-ronnie-fairbanks

Episode 47 – Fish taxidermy

Travis Peterson from Off the Hook Taxidermy in Klawock, talks about why he got into fish taxidermy, how to prepare your fish for mounting and recaps hunting musk ox with his recurve bow.          

Episode 46 – The Creative Hustle

A podcast months in the making with the Creative Hustler himself Matt Hamilton‚Äč. Great stuff about finding inspiration, work ethic, the value of boredom, tenacity and some Ketchikan history.

Episode 45 – Ketchikan hiking

On the way back down from scouting some deer territory, I talk bear protection on hikes, why it’s important to not totally rely on Google Earth and the best hiking trails in the Ketchikan area. And yes, I really did fall while recording.

Episode 44 – Snagging terminal salmon

It’s normally called a “foul hook” but in some areas of Alaska, it is legal to snag salmon. It’s crazy, it’s exciting and it’s frowned upon by those who haven’t done it but it’s an efficient way to harvest meat from fish that won’t spawn.