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Dude wants to sell Alaska?!?!

This is funny… By Steven Mufson Washington Post The prospect of once again hitting the federal debt ceiling has provoked the ritual round of hand-wringing about the intractable nature of this $16 trillion conundrum. But there is a simple, elegant option that involves no tax increases, no spending cuts and just a bit of imagination.

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On October 18, 1867…

…the Russian flag was lowered and the Stars and Stripes of the United States of America was raised in Sitka, Alaska, to ceremonially and officially mark the exchange of the land. There was obviously a lot of debate as to whether the purchase was worth it. Called “Seward’s Folly”, and “Seward’s Icebox”, many believed that

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News – Rafter gets DUI

In college I heard about a dude getting a ticket for riding his bike while loaded. This guy is being charged with a DUI after floating through Fairbanks on an inflatable raft. Crazy.

News – Red Dawn

So yeah, you might be wondering how Patrick Swayze will fit into this post. He doesn’t. At all, but how often are you able to fit in a reference to Swayze and pre-detrailment Charlie Sheen while talking about fish? Christmas for the blogger. When you think Alaska salmon, you think pictures of massive King salmon.

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