Eagle almost drowns killing king salmon

Just minding my own business, having a little campfire and watching the sun go down and nature starts to happen. Eagle dives into the ocean in front of me, attaches to a king salmon and almost drowns bringing it in. Unbelievable.  

Northern Lights – Klawock, Alaska

I was five the first time I saw the Northern Lights and they scared the heck out of me. Now I can’t get enough. This was last night in my home town of Klawock, Alaska. George and Michelle Nickerson captured a bunch of incredible images. Anyone that has seen the lights know no picture does…



My high school science teacher Stu Merchant and his new friend.
Photo by Kathy Peavey

Winter wonderland

Mom sent me this picture a few days ago, and I couldn’t help but think about going in the hot tub with friends after basketball games in high school. We’d soak for a while, then roll around in the snow before hopping back in. I also recalled breaking through the ice when the bay was…