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Early testing

Since the snowshoes my brother sent to to me for Christmas weren’t wrapped, I didn’t see a problem with giving them a little test run today, the day before Christmas. About halfway up the One Duck trail, I strapped them on and made my way to the top, then walked around on the muskeg at

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Why waste time?

I shouldn’t have been surprised when I was awoken by light flooding into my room. Nor should I have been shocked when I rolled over and it was 4:03 a.m. I did the math but my body, which is solar-powered in the summer, told me to get up and do something. So I hiked.  

Hikes – One Duck

One Duck trail has always been a favorite of mine. It’s a quick, but steep hike (1,400 foot gain in 1.5 miles) that provides great views of the Klawock Mountains and the pass through Prince of Wales Island. The trail is completely made up of gravel which makes footing easy. A snowy winter and rainy

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Hikes – Salt Chuck Mine

The rail carts, equipment and debris at Salt Chuck mine used to have the look of sudden stoppage, like there had been an abduction, or disaster. Eery. The trail through the woods is terribly sloppy which is appreciated by my inner 4-year old, then opens up at the shore. You really got the feeling that

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Hikes – Harris River Interpretive Trail

My youth was spent following game trails to the river or to the top of alpine peaks. Prince of Wales is now loaded with official trails taking visitors deep into the woods and educating them. The Harris River Interpretive Trail is a half mile loop through a restored river and forest area. Much of the

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