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Rod reviews – 8-weights

In the market for an 8-weight fly rod? The crew at Yellowstone Angler have their review out. Well, had it out, I’m a little late getting to it.

Little is huge

I’ve never been all that excited about clubs like the 20/20 because you should fish to fish, not create a resume. However, the more I threw flies at trout, the more I thought it would be cool to gain membership by catching a 20-inch fish on a size 20 or smaller hook. My motivation for

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Gear Review – fly lines

Fly line is expensive and pretty important to the whole fly fishing thing. The line that came with my starter kit was supposed to float, but only hesitated on the surface before sinking. I was turned on to Rio products early in my fly fishing days and haven’t been disappointed. The Trout LT is a

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Wader shootout

I’ve been a fan of the rod shootouts that Yellowstone Angler has done so of course I was drawn to their wader insight. The first pair of waders I wore out were bootfit which were nice for ease of use, but weren’t the best for ambling over fussy terrain. My current waders (Simms Headwaters) finished

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A day with the pros

When you walk around Sportsman’s Expos you have things in common with those around you even though “sportsman” is a very broad term. Those dudes with deep pockets don’t catch and release African beasts with .30/30 rifles, but you both at least like being outdoors and shake your heads at the $12 beer stands in

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4-weight best of the best…

When I was in the market for a new 5-weight fly rod, I came across the 5-weight shoot out by the Yellowstone Angler. They also did an 8-weight shoot out which was very informative.  Of course personal preference plays a large part in selecting a rod, but reviews like these can be tremendously helpful. In

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Gear Review – Simms guard socks

Here’s the deal, during those hot, boulder-hopping days of summer, you don’t want to wear waders. That’s insane. But after hours of standing in cold mountain water, your feet still get cold and maybe even numb. It goes without saying that once your feet get numb, wading and climbing safely gets more difficult. Guard socks

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Gear Review – Simms Freestone wading boot

After three years, over 200 hundred days fishing and close to 300 miles of walking, my Simms boot-in wading boots were beyond repair. Well, not beyond repair, but I had the money to get new ones, so I did. This time I went to stocking foot waders and the freestone boots. The boots are heavy-duty,

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Gear Review – Sage TXL-F

I came across a video about the Sage TXL-F. I then met Jamie Lyle, the guy from the video, at the Sportsman’s Expo in Sacramento and we talked small creek rods. I didn’t have the money, so it was just talk. Between my 5-weights for California trout and 7-weights for Alaska steelhead and salmon, a tiny rod

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Xtra Special Xtratufs

After two summers of leaking water, I replaced my Xtratuf boots, but I didn’t throw the old ones away. They were with me through all those hours pressure-washing net pens at the fish hatchery growing up, and were of course flooded nearly every time I fished for salmon. I felt like I’d be throwing away

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