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A day at the box

By Jeff Lund | For the Capital City Weekly It’s just after noon on Sunday at Ketchikan CrossFit. Bo Meredith yells at Jeff Williams from the rower. “C’mon man, fast singles.” Jeff lifts the 135-pound combination of bar and plates, lowers to a squat, then stands upright. One. Fourteen more squat cleans and he can get

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Not sharing well continued…

By Jeff Lund | Capital City Weekly Along the same thread as last week… If I do get to fish the run I want without being squeezed out or pinching someone out of their spot, the goal then becomes catching fish. As much as I say, “It’s about the experience” the truth is that the experience

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Purpose vs. Pleasure

By Jeff Lund | Capital City Weekly It’s hard to take a break from technology – specifically related to communication – realize how much it has infiltrated your life, and know your moment of illumination will dim once normalcy resumes. It’s pessimistic and cynical and depressing but it’s probably true. Putting the phone on airplane mode

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Work pays

By Jeff Lund | For the Capital City Weekly I can usually tell if I’m going to catch fish or not. That’s not spoken out of arrogance, that’s an admission that the determining factor in whether or not I will be successful is how much work I decide to put into it. If I put in

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Shrinking yourself

By Jeff Lund | For the Captal City Weekly I kinda feel like whining. Normally I can shrug off most of the inconsequential things that life feeds me but I’ve got three things right now that are eating at me. It’s pretty serious – well, not really. I usually just talk myself through it. (Recline onto

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Enough to go around

By Jeff Lund | For the Capital City Weekly There’s a lot of money in a lot of places out there. There’s enough money to buy $5 coffee drinks every morning. There’s enough money to pay for a cruise to Alaska and watch loggers go steel toe to steel toe in Ketchikan, raft down a docile

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