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River meditation

This is why you keep old fishing magazines, so on days you contemplate purpose, resurrections and fish at the river, you can find someone who said things better. “I propose that the final level of the fly-fishing hierarchy is connection – connection to self and to others, connection to the waters we fish, and connection

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A quote to live by

(SitNews) Klawock, Alaska – I was putting together a list of quotes for a graduate school class and ended up tying my brain in a massive ball of wisdom from John Wooden to Jimmy Chitwood in Hoosiers. I started to wonder if there was a quote or two that I live by. Not that I’d

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The Price of Politics

Book review – The Price of Politics by Bob Woodward Though I love being outside and away from the stresses of real life, I cringe at the thought of being uninformed. It is better to be stressed out, but in the know rather than succumb to Internet propaganda and Facebook cartoons. Anyway, with that in

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Quotable – Russell Chatham

“Fishing at its most rudimentary level is essentially solitary. Not only that, but its components, outside the particular baggage one brings to it, are entirely trustworthy. I mean, what creek ever teased you about your pimples; what breeze ever ridiculed you in front of your friends?” – Russell Chatham Silent Seasons 

Silent Seasons

SIlent Seasons Edited by Russell Chatham Stories by: Thomas McGuane William Hjortsberg Jack Curtis Harmon Henkin Charles Waterman Jim Harrison Russell Chatham I hesitate to call any of these posts, “book reviews” because I’ve been moving my simple head left to right over some of the finest prose ever written about fishing, and who am

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