Episode 46 – The Creative Hustle

A podcast months in the making with the Creative Hustler himself Matt Hamilton​. Great stuff about finding inspiration, work ethic, the value of boredom, tenacity and some Ketchikan history.

Does coffee stimulate plant growth?

For Caffeine and Kilos by Jeff Lund Every year, there are car-sized plants shown at the Alaska State Fair. Well, any state fair, but the thing that makes it special in Alaska is the growing season is so short – just three months – but with 24 hours of daylight, it makes up for a…

Episode 45 – Ketchikan hiking

On the way back down from scouting some deer territory, I talk bear protection on hikes, why it’s important to not totally rely on Google Earth and the best hiking trails in the Ketchikan area. And yes, I really did fall while recording.

Dry Fly Fantasies

By JEFF LUND For the Capital City Weekly There were trout, but they were following steelhead waiting for eggs or feasting on newly emerged salmon fry. I put on a No. 16 elk hair caddis because I was determined to catch a trout on a dry fly for the first time this year. I proceeded to…

Episode 44 – Snagging terminal salmon

It’s normally called a “foul hook” but in some areas of Alaska, it is legal to snag salmon. It’s crazy, it’s exciting and it’s frowned upon by those who haven’t done it but it’s an efficient way to harvest meat from fish that won’t spawn.

Coffee causes cancer? Give me a break

By Jeff Lund According to the label, my fishing rod has “chemicals known to cause cancer.” Now the coffee I am drinking while fishing may cause cancer too? Really? In the interest of keeping us informed and keeping us safe, warnings are everywhere and now may come with coffee. Apparently when coffee beans are roasted, a chemical called…

Episode 43 – Alpine deer prep

Four things to consider for your southeast Alaska alpine deer hunt: crampons, trekking poles, water, stabilizers! Short episode about the things you might not think about for your blacktail hunt in August.      

Food afield

I have often justified the consumption of unhealthy food on camp outs using the Camping Act. The Camping Act was adopted long ago when camping for recreation started to involve the leftovers from animals raised for meat and the combination of sugar in a variety of interesting forms. Yes, the Camping Act afforded all the…

Episode 42 – Forest Service cabins

Developed Recreation Manager Brad Schumaker and I talk about the Forest Service Cabins in the Ketchikan Area. We talk use, popularity, and the impact funding has had on upkeep of the cabins.  

Episode 41 – Bear recap and the beauty of rural life

I tell the maybe confusing story of taking a black bear on Saturday then dive into a rant about how suffocating life is without frequent adventure and how it’s important to do things that make you feel alive, even if you’re not good at first. Red = Stalk #1 (Friday) Yellow = Stalk #2 (Saturday…

Wait on the coffee

Written by: Jeff Lund is a freelance writer living in Ketchikan, Alaska. The benefits of coffee (coffee-coffee, not sugary coffee drinks) have been widely reported, so this is not to dissuade you from drinking coffee, it’s a matter of adjusting the timing of consuming it to better crush your day. When should you drink coffee? My commute…

Hunting with Thoreau

Sometimes it seems like I am off topic more than on. The mission is reading, but since I’m reading about fishing, I end up looking at the words but thinking about fishing and completely missing out on what’s happening on the page. This is probably part of the goal of an outdoors writer because the…