Jeff Lund

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I believe in grit and have zero interest in being average. I believe in comparing myself to my better version, not the experts.

I hate the, “I guess I just wasn’t mean to…” fill in the blank on your way to living an unfulfilling life, attitude. There is a big difference between not being particularly proficient in some areas, and sucking at life. Too many people never bother to embrace anything outside of what’s familiar and never try to get more out of life, usually because change is hard. I’d much rather do things and be terrible at first than sit around and live my life through characters on Netflix. I love the process of getting better. I used to suck at fly fishing, now I’m good. I used to suck at hunting, now I’m…well, better. I used to kinda be into fitness, now I can’t let myself get away with skipping workouts and eating trash.

What you’ll get here:
– Published works about living in Alaska.
– Rants about fitness, nutrition and maybe some politics
– Insight about fishing, hunting and general outdoor life
– Links to inspiring people saying inspiring stuff

Writing Experience
Columnist SitNews Ketchikan, Alaska November 2013-present
Columnist Capital City Weekly Juneau, Alaska March 2014-present
Columnist  Manteca Bulletin, Manteca, California – 2008-September 2013
Staff Writer – NorCal Fishing News http://www.norcalfishingnews.com/  
Contributor – Fish Alaska Magazine http://www.fishalaskamagazine.com
Contributor – The Drake http://www.drakemag.com/
Contributor – Alaska Magazine http://www.alaskamagazine.com/
Contributor – Alaska Sporting Journal http://aksportingjournal.com

Outdoors Writers Association of California – Craft Awards
Newspaper Column Category
Honorable Mention

Outdoor Writers Association of California – Craft Awards
Phil Ford Humor Award
First Place


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  1. Vern Gebhardt says:

    Jeff, You are missed by your followers in Manteca. I never really got a chance to talk with you about fly fishing when you worked at EU, and I am sorry I didn’t. I do enjoy your stories and will keep up with you now that you are in Alaska. I do hope your Mom is doing ok.
    Retired Coach/AD
    Vern Gebhardt

  2. Thanks Vern.
    Mom is doing great and looking forward to a great retirement.
    If you ever get the itch, I am a river guide up here and we have a couple rooms we rent.

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