Column: Spring, and steelhead, are here

You know when you’re watching a hunting or fishing snow on YouTube and just as it gets good a series of ads starts, but since your laptop is hooked up to your TV and across the room, you laying on the couch hoping the ads end, but they never do?   

The transition between winter and spring was that maddening, never-ending cycle of ads that kept us from getting to the exciting parts.

But it’s finally here.  

I’m regretting my metaphor a bit because that has me on the couch watching the screen which is the opposite of what I do when spring comes around, but oh well, you get the point. Endless ads, like an endless winter, suck.

I did two solo trips to my favorite steelhead river over the weekend and felt the euphoria of warm recreation. Was it really only a month ago I was in Fairbanks, fighting off -30 degree temperatures with all the warm, synthetic clothing I had, looking to bitter, windswept hills for caribou?

Shortly after fishing my fly from a tree and swallowing the subsequent irrational rage in an attempt to better myself for my coming marriage, I casted perfectly to the close edge of the current and hooked up with a steelhead…

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