Column: Not so lucky draw

By Jeff Lund
For the Juneau Empire

Well the draw results have been posted, and again I am a winner.

I am a winner because though I didn’t draw any of the tags I wanted, I am still a resident of the state of Alaska. How’s that for cheesy optimism?

It’s true though. Outside of muskox and bison, there’s always an over-the-counter option available to us, if we are willing to make it work. However, many of us would rather lament the process and adopt victimhood or demand a point system. But look at states down south for what happens with point systems.

Anyway, there is nothing wrong with specializing and becoming an expert. In fact, after my rut failures in the fall, that would probably be the most reasonable step first. Get better at one thing first before you buy a plane ticket for the opportunity to be terrible at something new. But I think there is something to that. It’s not irresponsibility, it’s just that simple curiosity about what else is out there. Not at the expense of your routine, but in addition to it.

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