Column: Otter squatter

An otter took up residence in my boat.

I am assuming it was an otter because of the shell fragments in the runny excretions left in the forward stowage of my 21-foot North River soft top Seahawk.

I’d like to skin the otter for weaseling its way in there, but I guess I can’t really blame it. My boat is one of the last ones still in the water at the marina. The slip is in a great location to ward off the worst winter rollers which apparently makes it appealing for marine squatters.

I keep saying I’m going to set up a game camera, but haven’t followed through. Maybe because I’m not really interested in watching the thing gain entry, crawl into the dry space up front and enjoy the quietest, driest spot around.

I also wouldn’t be able to handle the possibility that the thing doesn’t go in there to sleep and live. What if it goes in there just to poo?

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