Column: Ticket to paradise

Sheep. Goat. Caribou. Bison.
Not necessarily in that order. In fact, I really don’t know what I would choose if I drew hunting permits for them all, but I’m not going to draw any of them, so I won’t have to worry.   
As a side note, hunters get trapped into thinking they have to justify what they do. We shouldn’t. Vegans, vegetarians and non-hunters shouldn’t have to either. Do what you do, be happy and allow others to do the same. Why go out of your way to confront others, especially when they are acting within the confines of the law and liberty? Two of the things we should have learned from 2020 is that anger is unhealthy and though it does draw attention to causes, it alone doesn’t bring about the desired change. In fact, irrational anger does more harm than good. Unless the point is to be angry and feel justified in being mean, which for some, appears to be the real motivation. “They started it” is as in for adults now, as it was in Kindergarten.

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