Episode 166 – Mule Deer Recap

On Day 1, I was hoping for a 3 or maybe a 4-point buck because we had scouted an area and seen big bucks. By Day 4 I was ready to shoot a spike we called Chopstick. So much happened during the 6-day hunt in Wyoming it was difficult to get the days straight, but in this episode I attempt to. Jaden Bales joins me to talk about the difference between reading or watching videos about hunting, and actually hunting. It’s the difference between knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is knowing tactics. Wisdom is knowing what tactic to use during the actual hunt. Days 1-3 were uneventful which brought on desperation and frustration, but there was no question every morning we were excited to get back out there and run a good program. Then, after blowing a stalk (Day 4) and missing a forkie (Day 5), maybe Abby and I got things right, or maybe we just happened to get lucky.


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