Column: Over the next hill…

There’s always a fish or deer or quorum of wigeon that peck at you during the off season. If not, then it’s a lake, mountain or muskeg.

This off-season was a bonus. Not only was it a flock of geese that flew too high for my 12-gauge to reach, but also that 4-point buck that spooked before clearing brush as I stood 17-yards away at full draw. They aren’t bad memories, but they are reminders that you’re never as good as you think you are when it comes to hunting, fishing or outdoorsing, even if you’re admittedly an intermediate at best.

I had a mountain in mind when this alpine deer season started. I bought a 21-foot North River in October of last year which extended my range and put this mountain on my list. But logistics and weather got in the way during August. I figured not putting boots on that mountain would figure into my off-season regrets. Then September dawned sunny and warm. I was granted a reprieve and helped my buddy Dave pack off a 4×3 from the mountain I thought I’d have to wait another year to see.

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