Column: I did it, I traveled


Everyone has a reason, but almost no one else thinks it’s good enough. At least that’s the perception that almost kept me from writing this.

I did it. I traveled. I’m writing this from Laramie, Wyoming, five feet from my girlfriend who is busy completing her PhD in ecology. During weekends, we hike, camp and fly fish for trout in the mountains.

Don’t mistake the tone of this, I am not making light of traveling during a pandemic. I weighed, prepared then printed my boarding pass. Still, someone who has never met me will wish me the virus, or blame the spikes on guys like me because in their eyes, I am not taking it seriously. Cruel, but I get the point. Who would knowingly put themselves at risk, or who is so self-absorbed that they feel entitled to go fish. Well, I guess that’s me. I’m the enemy. I’m one of those guys. I’m on that team. There’s no difference between me and a guy with a slight cough going to a nightclub.

We’ve reduced life to an equation, if you do this, then you are that, and are therefore the enemy. The problem is no one lives in that simplistic, nuance-free reality where it’s 100% go or 100% no. Life is messy. It’s complicated. It requires a level of responsibility and trust. Without either, it’s chaos.

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