Column: Seeing things


I was twenty yards away when I let out the call. It was horribly flat and unlike any animal that has roamed earth. I doubled down and spit out a quality tone. I waited for a second then heard, “C’mon.”

I turned and looked through the trees toward the road. There stood a dog, ears perked, while the kid who was walking it urged they move on.

I returned to my fantasy. I was twenty yards from a Wyoming elk. My arrow would have to pass through a tight window in the branches and bushes. I drew, held and touched the trigger. The arrow was true and the dumb, block target was stuck yet again.

I decided it’s not every day that a kid walking his dog on the street would encounter a grown male human pretending he’s on a Wyoming elk hunt. As a student of self-awareness I had to wonder if this was just usual Lund, or if this was COVID Lund. You know, is this the type of thing I would normally do, or is this virus-induced activity? Of course, it is also southeast Alaska where earning the title of unique, takes a lot.

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