Column: The biggest day next to Opening


I was reading an old issue of Gray’s Sporting Journal Sunday which got me thinking. First, I’ll explain “old.” Old not because 2002 is a long time ago, but there have been enough years between then and now for plenty of things to happen. In the case of the article, non-residents could still purchase over the counter tags for Dall sheep. So, while it might not be a bunch of years, it certainly is a long time ago in hunting years which I’m finding are somewhere between dog and human. However, the article was published in 2002, so that doesn’t mean the story happened then.

Anyway, the guide mentioned to the client that it was a good spot, but that public land is public land which means it’s fair game for anyone willing to work for it. The client was terribly unprepared, brutally overworked (because of his unpreparedness) and miserable. His hunting pilgrimage to Alaska for the iconic sheep, a disaster.

When the draw hunts for Alaska are released Friday, people from all over will call guides and outfitters, looking to book. Hunters will have the opportunity to claim their shot at animals made legendary by “the industry.” Hunters will find the permission to buy new gear, and the motivation to start getting into shape for the hunt of a lifetime. Or just hope that if they throw enough money at it, everything will be fine.

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The biggest day that isn’t opening day: draw results

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