Column: Putting the serve in service

I was talking to a buddy who co-founded a business and asked him what his goal was. I figured it would be something about growth, or reaching new customers, but it made much more sense than that. Serve.
He said the most important thing for himself and the other co-founder of his lifestyle coffee and lifestyle apparel brand was to serve the customer, not just take their money.
I thought about this when one of my favorite outdoor apparel companies released a few new products because before I knew it I had clicked on the link which took me from my email inbox to their website and I had a new pair of $189 backpacking/hunting pants in my digital shopping cart.

I ended up closing the window, but the point was made. I liked the first products I bought from this company and not only tolerated being on the email list, I entertained the content. That doesn’t happen all the time.

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