Column: The Future of Fish

We do use plates at book club, not sometimes they aren’t needed. 

Cod Point was an appropriate first stop since we like to match the contents of the book to the book club meeting. In this case it was “Cod” by Mark Kurlansky.

Dave directed the landing craft into an inlet where fresh cabins garnished an otherwise thick forest. After a few minutes of pointing out the new structures, he turned, motored out around the point and to his cabin – 45 minutes from town, six miles from the nearest road and 500 yards from cell phone range.

On the menu was cod and black cod, then it strayed a little bit but kept with the seafood spirit – crab, scallops, salmon dip and salmon pot stickers. A solid spread for a group of 11 dudes escaping the rat race of Ketchikan for 24 hours during a cold winter weekend (by southeast Alaska standards).

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