Column: Lucky? Good? Who cares


Right around noon I turned into a Snickers commercial. It’s one of the most predicable events in a Lund hunting trip in October. Pre-dawn enthusiasm and first light focus gives way to frustration. My steps go from calculated and quiet to sloppy. By noon, I’m dehydrated, hungry and wondering how long I’d make it after the apocalypse.

At this point I do the same thing I tell students to avoid when it comes to social media.
“Don’t compare yourself to others.” “Social Media doesn’t tell the true story.” “Don’t get your self-worth from any of the Internets.”

Social media has enabled me to see just about every single buck that’s shot and since more people are likely to share success than failure, it can appear that 85-95% of hunters are calling in deer or are finding masher bucks who can’t go on so they stand next to the road and wait for a human to turn them into steaks and burger. The worst is hearing about dudes who sneak up on bucks in their beds. That’s a level of ninja at which I can only guess.

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