Rut Repost – Drop Shot Calls

IMG_4416Last year I visited the Drop Shot Calls workbench to talk about how they got started, what makes a good call, when you should call, how long you should wait and what works for them. We also talk about the right tools for the job, rut tactics, and the future of the resource. So I’m posting this again because what else is on the mind of blacktail hunters…work? Ha!


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  1. Carol Thomas says:

    Will these calls work for whitetail deer? Or mule deer?

    1. The Mediocre Alaskan says:

      Haven’t tried, so I’m not sure. I know calling is a big part of a rut program up here but haven’t seen much out there about calls for mule deer or whitetail outside of grunts. Of course that’s probably because I am not very familiar with those programs.

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