Episode 110 – Climate change


I’m afraid that we will be totally aware, and not get anything done.

Soundbites suck. The global climate strike on Friday was 4-million people deep. Awesome. People care, and there are millions of people who didn’t strike Friday who also care about earth. So now what? The how is the most important part of this and just because someone thinks the Green New Deal is outlandish doesn’t mean he or she is a denier. A hunter does not participate in the meat industry, so should hunting be encouraged rather than seen as an obsolete skill? Are our energy needs beyond that which wind and solar can provide? If so, then well nuclear has to be part of the discussion. The problem is some of the issues we face require a depth of discussion we aren’t always willing to endure. It would be nice if we could create a utopia, but humankind has never been able to solve the problem of the human flaw. People throw plastic in the ocean. People throw trash out of their windows. People start fires. People break laws. But we aren’t hopeless. It’s just not going to be as perfect as what we might design on paper.

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