Episode 82 – Acceptable Contradictions


There’s nothing wrong with asking yourself questions…think about why someone might hate hunting, why fly fishing is cruel or why the Alaska Marine Highway is just a luxury. When you digest those points of view you come out with a better understanding of what you believe, you change your world view,  or end up really overwhelmed with the level of complexity of the issues. And that the Alaska Marine Highway is vital to southeast Alaska.

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  1. It is vital to Southeast and probably to the Chain, but take a pause and ask another important question – Is it VITAL to the rest of the state? This is the problem with government in general – to serves special interests and squeaky-wheels by taking from all to give to a few. We could do that when the AMHS and so many other things were funded by the oil companies, but we’re looking at a small, but increasing income tax in the near future. So we had better ask the question – why should someone who doesn’t live on the coast have to pay for a ferry system they may never use?

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