Column: The problem with the plateau

By Jeff Lund

The problem with the plateau or streak of bad luck or poor results isn’t just the outcome, but that we can wrongly conclude that we aren’t worthy, or good enough. It can be a huge hit to the self-esteem when we can’t make the lift, do the trick, get the job or even be noticed at work.

I harvest my first buck of the season in August and for the next month, the only meat I consumed was organic, free-range venison. With three more tags, I could have stocked the freezer for the good part of a year! I was stoked. Then I stopped seeing bucks. September became November in a hurry and the season ended. I camped, I hiked, I called, I sat, I did everything that I had done before, what people had recommended, and what I’d read. Still, no luck. A dozen nights spent in the woods and double that in day hunts yielded me nothing but frustration.

People lose – professional sports teamsOlympiansAbraham Lincoln – but the thing about losing at hunting is that I can’t help but imagine if I lived when Natural Selection was still going strong, I would have starved…

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