Column: Hunting in the age of trolls


So, a guy got mauled by a brown bear and told the story on a podcast. He told the story about the…tender areas… in which he was bit. It was incredible not only that the guy lived, but that he was so lucid during the experience. He said he reasoned himself through the bites and knew he had to stay quiet as to not further incite aggression.
What was more expectedly incredible, was that when a picture of the victim was posted on Instagram to direct viewers to the content of the podcast, some amateur social media doctor weighed in, analyzing the wounds and declaring the guy was lucky he didn’t sustain further injuries.

I was incredulous. The guy had clearly not listened to the podcast, because if he had, he wouldn’t have posted what he did.

This is the same type of guy who would post, “I know where this is” when someone catches a fish or takes a buck. You just have to make it about you, don’t you? You can’t just be happy for a fellow outdoorsperson?
The real problem here is that by getting upset, I have allowed the troll to win. The mission of this type of person is to disrupt the normal function of the reader. I am the sucker.

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