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Danny and I were texting the other day and both decided that while we both didn’t feel particularly fu*ked, we could always use a little unfu*king.

This stemmed from me reading Unfu*k Yourself by Gary John Bishop. There’s an interesting dynamic that comes with reading this type of book. They aren’t the “Make your life better in 12 steps” bull that helps some, but is mostly for those looking for a shortcut. Which of course, there isn’t. Books that matter are the ones that tell you on page 1 or 2 that the problem is you, the answer is your, the power is you and it’s possible.

Here’s another thing about them, they are nothing more than social media fodder if you don’t apply what’s in them. Posting a quote that resonates with you, and others, will do nothing to changing anything about your life. Only action does and “likes” don’t count.

So, I wondered what about my life may have slipped, or how it could improve. I realized I had been getting nervous or concerned about really stupid things. I was worried about black ice every day this week, but the roads usually get de-iced before I drive to work. If there is ice, you just throw some weight in the back of your truck and drive slower. It’s potentially dangerous, but there are steps to take to make things safer. Why was I wasting any part of my day worrying about something I couldn’t control? It was a total waste of energy to give it thought outside of when I actually have to drive. That is an example of a bunch of things that were cluttering my life.

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