Coffee causes cancer? Give me a break


By Jeff Lund

According to the label, my fishing rod has “chemicals known to cause cancer.”

Now the coffee I am drinking while fishing may cause cancer too? Really?

In the interest of keeping us informed and keeping us safe, warnings are everywhere and now may come with coffee.
Apparently when coffee beans are roasted, a chemical called acrylamide is formed.

So should we be concerned?

Not really.

The FDA’s recommendations for reducing acrylamide in your diet is mostly related to fried potato consumption meaning French Fries are by far a bigger contributor to acrylamide levels. One would have to drink 64 liters of roasted coffee in a day to reach carcinogenic levels. So this tells us what we already knew, avoid friend foods.

There is an important distinction here between causing cancer, and containing chemicals that might cause cancer, so California putting warning labels on coffee is crazy and will likely do nothing but further dilute warnings.

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