Brand style and lifestyle


Fitness apparel and workout clothes are about three things: comfort, appearance and advertising a marketable lifestyle – the you, you want to be. It’s nearly impossible to accomplish the things you want from life if you are around people who are not supportive of your goals or are diligent in the pursuit

Pretty much every sportswear company now offers comfortable products such as a basic 60/40 combed ring spun cotton (what’s the difference?) polyester suede shirt. We don’t have to tolerate 100% cotton shirts that chafe your nipples or under your arms if they don’t fit right, which they rarely do, and shrink, or don’t shrink, like you thought they would. It sounds odd that a shirt made from bamboo would be more comfortable than cotton, but some are.

Anyway, that leaves us with appearance and lifestyle. People buy stuff that they think looks cool, duh, moving on.

Selling a lifestyle is a weird dynamic because a business is convincing a customer that the product is needed or that the purchase comes with a subscription to a lifestyle which it does, but only in appearance. We live at a time in human history in which people have more control over who they are than ever before. That doesn’t really make it any easier though. As that article states, “Expressing who we are and are becoming in words can be a challenge; appearance style seems to offer a way of articulating a statement that is difficult to put into words.”

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