Why care if they don’t?

The college buddies text thread came alive when the University of Arizona basketball team trailed Oregon State at home. It has been a rough few months for UA fans.

The football team was horrible, then unstoppable, then horrible again. Then the basketball team lost three in a row, then the football team lost its bowl game and fired the coach.

I tried to care a lot, I really did, but found myself a shell of the rabid fan I once was. It’s exhausting to be a fan. After I moved to Alaska, I stopped outsourcing so much of my energy and excitement to something I had no control over — because you know what doesn’t let me down? The woods. Yeah, the weather is often terrible — we want the ocean to lay down a bit so catching kings is more enjoyable, the fog needs to break so we might have a chance to make a play on an alpine buck, black ice is never any fun — but that doesn’t mean that we’ve lost. That doesn’t mean it’s over. Outside just changes, it doesn’t end.

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