Finding what’s essential in a world of -isms

The most interesting –ism to me currently is essentialism.

As is the case with all –isms and –ists, there are general principles that play out, or are articulated, differently.

James Latham wrote there is a “finite and definite amount of effort” we can put forth. So, we can take on a lot of things, and do them okay, or we can specialize and potentially excel. But it’s not just about areas of specialization, it’s about reducing the clutter, the nonsense, the waste so that we can better attack the things we actually want.

By the way, it’s a lot more fun to refer to “decluttering” or “getting my life together” as “practicing essentialism” or being an “essentialist.” I’m not, but I like the idea.

What is essential to my existence? What can I remove so that I can live with greater efficiency and optimize my experience?

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