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Cutting a snowshoe path up One Duck on Prince of Wales Island.

I asked a friend the other day where Ketchikan ranked as far as providing community compared to other places she lived. She said it was the best.

I thought about it a lot on the drive home. I stopped to ship some fish and venison to some close friends in California and saw two people engaged in some sort of bizarre affection ritual on the sidewalk that made me question their sobriety.

What were they saying?

I went home and fired up a podcast that featured Sebastian Junger, author of the book “Tribe,” which is on its way to me from an Amazon seller who does not provide tracking and says the book will arrive sometime between Dec. 11 and Jan. 1. Apparently, it’s being delivered on a bicycle.

Anyway, he (Junger, not the Amazon seller) theorized that the common denominator when it comes to depression, mass shootings, etc. was the lack of a community to which people felt a part. It’s not provable, but I get it. It makes sense and it uses a possible root of behavior — rather than the instrument used to carry it out — as a starting point to work on…


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