Waiting for what?

Life is going to undulate between positive and negative but I’m not sure we embrace and fully drink in the positive moments, which of course is stupid. Rather than reinforce the conditions that provided us an opportunity to achieve a legit level of wellness, we wait for things to suck.

Rather than, “I feel good today because I got stuff done. I worked out. I ate well. I want more,” we do whatever, waiting for whatever.

If we treat life as completely out of our control, then we sit and wait in a stagnant funk for things to just get better because we are due for something good. But if we focus on living well, then our baseline wouldn’t feel like a trough, prompting depressing quotes on social media in an attempt to feel valued through likes and messages. Yeah you can’t control life, but you can control how you react to things, and how well you live when life isn’t tough.
The answer is nutrition, not just what you’re putting in your body, but also your brain. It is socially acceptable now to embrace apathy and laziness so we tolerate that influence. We are accepting lesser versions of ourselves while our potential erodes.

Cut that from your life. Earn the right to be proud and confident. Love you because you’re constantly working and embracing the process of living well. Not accepting a mediocre version of yourself by slapping on one of those “I just wasn’t meant to…” excuses.

So back to nutrition…

What lifestyle is being reinforced by the words you consume? Words that encourage production? Or merely more consumption? There are so many podcasts out there, and I’m not talking about the self-help ones about how to fix your life or whatever, I’m talking about listening to people who do, who produce.

I don’t like feeling as though I’m in an audience listening to some dude who thinks he has all the answers, or has reduced life to a recipe or steps.

I want to feel like I’m sitting on the back deck talking to dude who do stuff that works for them and getting caught up in the positive wake of producing each day.
I wake up and before I hit the coffee I’m listening to a Podcast*** about fitness, lifestyle, entrepreneurship, something that is related to the goals I have in life. Something that puts each day on track to be productive rather than just wait for things to happen.

***One of my favorite Podcasts is Jason Ferruggia. Check it out at
https://soundcloud.com/renegaderadio-jf or on iTunes.

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