Fishing with a celebrity


I wonder what fishing with President Trump would be like. This isn’t a pseudo-political column meant to mock the President or degrade the office because of recent (and not so recent) news and rumors surrounding his conduct, or to champion his administrative decisions thus far. It’s just a thought.

It’s the time of year when celebrities sneak into Alaska so I often wonder what it would be like to fish with people who have been elected to powerful positions, have the word “titan” or “mogul” attached to their identity or are otherwise giants in our culture.

There’s that famous picture of President Obama with a fly rod. The fly line is warped as if it had been sitting on a reel for years and there is no tension, so I’m not sure what the guide in the background is celebrating, but it would have been cool to be there, fly fishing with the President of the United States. Who cares if you didn’t vote for him, can you imagine? What about LeBron James? I don’t think he’s the type of guy who would chase Dolly Varden with a 3-weight, but what if he was?

What if Shaq was all about Tenkara? Stephen Curry seems like he’d enjoy gracefully flinging a dry fly with a slow action bamboo rod. Draymond Green would be waist deep with a snagging hook the size of an anchor hunting terminal fish.

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