It’s nice to be reminded of what’s really important.
Sometimes you get to the point where you’re only thinking about changing the frayed leader after a lingcod has at your herring, or getting an oil change after…has it been 9,000 miles?
The importance of existence and what you’re doing with the time you have is always there, but sometimes something big comes along and motivates us to engage on a deeper level.
I love Al Pacino’s speech in “Any Given Sunday,” but I hate that I watch it from my couch, you know?
“The inches we need are everywhere around us…”
Let me reach for another nacho.
The sad thing about inspiration is that we eventually put the book down, or turn off Netflix and head to bed and whatever was stirred becomes stagnant. Days stack up on each other and everything is back to normal.
I remember a time I could pick up a basketball and play without stretching. Today, at basketball camp, one of my players asked why I was walking so slow. I told her it was because I was sore, which is true, because Kevin made me to do both front squats and heavy cleans at the gym yesterday, but the other part was I was digesting what the camp director said.
Every day is a miracle. We are a miracle. He talked about Ketchikan like it was some sort of obscene example of incalculable beauty, which it is, but we get so used to it, all we see are tourists not using the cross walks. But to a guy who has lived with cancer, every day is a blessing.

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