Modern Transcendentalism

For some ridiculous reason, I woke up Friday morning thinking about Transcendentalism — not because I’m an intellectual, but because I felt more like going outside than working inside.
I shook my head at the simplicity of me reducing that particular -ism to “going outside.” Total disservice.
I thought a modern day Transcendentalist might look similar to a Chris McCandless. Misguidedly believing that throwing off the chains of society – by mooching off the participants of it – is the way to enlightenment. Bumming rides isn’t exactly self-reliance.
Maybe it’s a reality TV show that follows a family into the woods to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life — and to see if they could not learn how to get a Permanent Fund check.
I wanted to drink coffee with Henry David Thoreau on a Saturday morning, ask him what he meant and if I could find in a Google search an accurate analysis what he found in the woods. We’d need a lot of coffee because as soon as I pulled out my laptop, we’d get off topic.
After coffee we’d have to go fishing. I’d show him how to cast my carbon fiber rod, engineered to more efficiently transfer energy creating “significantly enhanced torsional stability and minimal vibration.”
We’d fish until we had caught and released a bunch of trout, go get a burger and watch college football.
“How’d I do Uncle Hank? Wanna go get ‘Walden’ tattoos?”

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