Freedom to do…whatever

(SitNews) Ketchikan, Alaska – Now that the lights get shut off on my days well before bedtime, I was thinking about how much pre-sunset freedom I had just weeks ago. But now, unless I want to hike or fish in the dark, I have to find other productive ways to fill the hours. I went online and waded through the political and social scenes on a couple newspaper and magazine websites starting with the Wall Street Journal and ending up at a piece in The Atlantic about saving schools by killing sports. I guess that doesn’t sound like a long journey because Wall Street is in New York which is on the Atlantic Ocean, but that’s not the point.
Anyway, the journey was dark and it confirmed what I already knew about aspects of our American life.
A byproduct of freedom, is freedom. It’s the freedom for individuals to value sports more than school. It’s the freedom to peak in high school or not even finish it with a diploma. It’s the freedom to find loopholes, because government can’t regulate morality, and to establish or adopt anything that too closely resembles religious doctrine, is to infringe on our right to not have religion thrust upon us.

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