Wait a minute…

Life is filled with contradictions.
The only ones that make sense to me are the ones that involve fishing. So when I kept setting the hook and missing fish on Trout Tuesday last week, I decided to adjust my approach. I wouldn’t set the hook. I’d wait and let the rainbow do more of the work.
I sent my fly into the current, watched the line form a tight arc then swing across the current.
Bump. Bump.I waited.
After the fish shook, I pulled the tight line through where I had it pinned to the cork and swung my 5-weight to the side. Fish on. You’d think that if a fish bites all you have to do is yank and it’s on, but there’s a lot that can go wrong. The current will ultimately take your fly line down river at different rates of speed creating a giant U or a W or two between you and the fly. When a fish takes, a hook set will often pull the slack, but not move the fly into the corner of the fish’s mouth. That’s why it’s important to mend the line – to make sure you are as connected to the fly as possible.

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